Samstag, 23. Januar 2010

Alpen Schatz Outfit Alpino Vino Staff

Telluride Ski and Golf (Telski) has created quite possibly the highest Wine Bar/Bistro in the world at the top of one of it's 12,000 ft mountains in the heart of the Telluride Ski Resort. The restaurant is called Alpino Vino and is rated tops by Telluride visitors and skiers for it's fine wines and lunchtime European-style delicacies.

Telski looked to Alpen Schatz for assistance in providing it's staff with authentic German and Austrian outfits. The Manageress is sporting a trendy light blue Dirndl by Bavarian designer, Meindl, and the servers are wearing classic Giesswein boiled wool vests from Austria.

Telski CEO Dave Riley recently wrote a piece about this unique, authentic Alpine Bistro in his Blog Posting this winter (click on the link and scroll down).

We also did our own review of this stylish, Alpine Ski Restaurant when it first opened, see: Alpino Vino - a Review.

Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2010

Radio Interview with Maribeth Clemente of Travel Fun

I was recently honored with the opportunity to be interviewed by Maribeth Clemente on her radio show, "Travel Fun" which airs on Koto Radio every Tuesday. Maribeth is a long time friend and fellow Europhile , sharing the same passion for European travel and culture as I do.

Maribeth, also a resident of Telluride, Colorado, is the author of a very popular on-line Travel Blog entitled "
Bonjour Colorado" as well of a series of highly acclaimed travel books entitled "The Riches of...", focussing on her life in and love of Paris and France.

The interview covers some unique products and traditions in the German speaking countries of Europe. So, sit back, press play and enjoy our dialogue!

Big Paw Gourmet Olive Oils and Vinegars

In our never ending quest for interesting, handcrafted products we have come across a fabulous line of scrumptious Olive Oils and exquisite Balsamic Vinegars that we will be adding to our gourmet food section in our Telluride Alpen Schatz store. The company is called Big Paw Grub, and for all of my dog loving followers their story of why they are called BIG PAW is worth reading.

"A Big Paw Story", by the founders of BIG PAW GRUB:

"What does a “big paw” have to do with delicious, high quality olive oil and flavored vinegars? We get that question all the time.

It all started with a great dog named Tio and what we thought would be just another terrific hike in the California highlands. When Tio (of the big paws, of course) took off after a jackrabbit and suddenly lost its scent completely, we were stumped. So was he. Turns out that crafty jackrabbit had run through a huge stand of wild sage–powerfully fragrant stuff. We picked some to take back to the campsite and started thinking. The rest is history."

Anyhow, should you be in the Telluride area please do stop in for a tasting, I guarantee, you will be walking out with a bottle or two. As a great lover and connoisseur of good Olive Oils and Balsamic Vinegars myself, I have to say, theirs rates some of the best I have ever experienced - world-wide! For starters, try out their Mission Fig Balsamic Vinegar...dark, smooth, big, sweet and rich....just like a prize winning Cabernet or is hard to be equaled!

Welcome BIG PAWS to Alpen Schatz!

For more info check out their brochure below (or download it here):