Dienstag, 26. August 2014

PRESS RELEASE: Italian Designer Assigns Alpen Schatz Exclusivity

La Cinopelca dubs Alpen Schatz
Exclusive North American Distributor
Italian designer, La Cinopelca, known as "the Versace" to the Pet Industry, has named Colorado based importer, Alpen Schatz LLC, its official North American distributor. La Cinopelca is known world-wide as one of the finest designers of high-end leather collars, harnesses and leashes for both large and small breed dogs.

Italian Designer Harnesses
What makes La Cinopelca unique is the quality of their leather and the craftsmanship going into making each piece. They use 100% naturally tanned and dyed Italian leathers - on a par with the finest bridal leather. They use the very same leather used by famous designers such as Versace, Armani and Prada to make their stylish dog collars, harnesses and swanky leashes. This ensures a product which works with the oils of a dog's fur to become softer and even more pliable as it ages with timeless grace.
Each product is also reinforced with glue, rivets and stitching to ensure strength and endurance.
La Cinopelca was founded over 30 years ago by Carlo Pelozzi, one of Italy's top dog trainers. He noted a deficit in functional collars and leashes available for training. He believed in using only the finest Italian leather, coupled with adding padding for the comfort of the dog. The brand has since grown to include colorful rolled and flat collars, harnesses and leashes also for the smaller breeds, making it one of the most sought after brands in high society circles from Paris to New York.
Alpen Schatz has been importing some of the finest European leather pet products for 15 years, to include:
HUNTER of Germany, classic SWISS dog collars and leashes and the world's finest all natural Italian clay based pet grooming line: ORME NATURALI.
Click HERE to see Official Announcement from Italy
 Alpen Schatz founder and owner, Mary Dawn DeBriae, states:
"We are thrilled to have been selected as sole distributor in both North American as well as Great Britain of this fine line of Italian pet accessories designed by La Cinopelca. It fits perfectly into our existing portfolio of exclusive European imports - some of the most beautiful, quality pet products in the world."
La Cinopelca was recently debuted on Alpen Schatz's booth at SUPERZOO in Las Vegas and will also be featured, along with ORME Naturali Italian Clay Shampoos, on Alpen Schatz's booth, #129, at the GROOM EXPO in Hershey, PA  September 19-21 2014.
La Cinopelca is available for wholesale or retail purchase at www.ALPENSCHATZ.COM .
Contact for Press Enquiries:
Mary Dawn DeBriae
+1 408-506-7998
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