Freitag, 11. Oktober 2013

New York Times & BBC rave about Hip Dirndls and Alpine Fashion (Tracht)

The New York Times and the BBC have recently published articles on how Dirnds, that sexy dress with the apron that the Bavarians and Austrian women have been wearing for centuries, has made a huge comeback to high street fashion in the Alpine lands of Europe.

What is super cool, is that Alpen Schatz probably carries the trendiest Dirndl selection in the whole of North America - getting fresh supplies in each Autumn and Spring to ensure we are "in" with the latest Alpine fashion designers in Europe.

Alpen Schatzi's Mary Ann, Michael
and Mary Dawn
Check out the  NYT article HERE and the BBC article HERE and be sure to SHOP Alpen Schatz for your own alpine wear for the whole family! We carry Dirndls and Lederhosen for both Adults and Children, too!

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