Dienstag, 16. September 2014

PRESS RELEASE: World's Most Luxurious Grooming Line to be Distributed by Alpen Schatz

Italian Industry Leader CAMON
Exclusive North American Distributor of
All Natural Italian Luxury Grooming Products
European pet industry leader, CAMON, of Verona, Italy, has recently partnered with Alpen Schatz LLC of Telluride, Colorado, to distribute its high-end Italian Holistic Spa Line, Orme Naturali, to the North American grooming industry.

Orme Naturali is the world's most luxurious, holistic grooming line. It consists of all natural herbal BEAUTY Products (Italian Clay based Shampoos, Conditioners & Parfums) as well as CARE Products (Teeth, Ear, Eye and healing Skin Lotions, Sprays and Balms).

Orme's BEAUTY line consists of skin sensitive shampoos made from healing Italian Clay, the very same used in top Spas for people in Italy to help moisturize and condition the skin. The Green Clay shampoo deep cleans the fur and skin, whilst the White Clay shampoo does wonders on white fur - impregnating sensitive hair follicles with Titanium Dioxide, an all-natural sunblock, protecting the fur from yellowing and becoming dull long after the wash. There is a Protein Clay shampoo for sensitive skin and a Neem Oil shampoo, acting as an all natural pest deterrent.
Following the shampooing, Orme Naturali's aromatic Conditioner, consisting of wheat seed oil proteins, jojoba oils, carotene butter, castor oil, and plant collagens, leaves the fur silky smooth and ready for grooming.
To finish the coat off, Orme's award winning silicon spray conditioner delicately coats the fur with a protective all natural coating keeping the fur cleaner and matt free longer.
The Ylang Ylang and Talc parfums offer additional soothing scents in between grooming sessions.
Orme's CARE family consists of preventative and healing toothpastes, creams and cleansers, including Hybrid, a miraculous "Tear Stain" preventative for dogs who tend to stain on the fur near to the eyes and the mouth.
The CARE line is enriched with special elements proven for their dermatological properties, to include: Lavender and Rosemary Oils, Eucalyptus, Grapefruit seed extract, Nettles, Sage and Thyme amongst other holistic but powerful ingredients including Propolis - an all natural antibiotic and antifungal product made by bees.
ORME NATURALI was founded over 15  years ago by two of Italy's top groomers, Gisella and Oscar, who sought to find a 100% holistic all natural soothing shampoo which would prove itself on their own hands as well as the dogs they knew so well. They based their grooming line on the research of Dr. Gianfranco Furia, acclaimed Italian expert of cosmetic herbal products (for people) in Europe. If its good enough for people's skin, it must be good for dogs and cats, too!
Alpen Schatz has been importing some of the finest European leather pet products for 15 years: to include quality infused HUNTER of Germany, classic SWISS dog collars and leashes and the "Versace" of the pet industry - the Italian leather products of LA CINOPELCA.
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 Alpen Schatz founder and owner, Mary Dawn DeBriae, states:
"We are thrilled to have been selected as sole distributor in both North American as well as Great Britain of the world's most gentle and holistic grooming line, Orme Naturali.
It fits perfectly into our existing portfolio of exclusive European imports - some of the most beautiful, quality pet products in the world."
ORME NATURALI will be launched on Alpen Schatz's booth, #129, at the GROOM EXPO in Hershey, PA  September 18-21 2014.
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