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ALPEN TRAVEL TIPS & PICKS: Alpen Schatz European Adventures

Standing in a 5000 year old Stone Circle in England
(Much older than Stone Henge!)

After almost three decades of living in and travelling back to Europe regularly once I moved back to the States, I have decided to share with my Alpen Schatz fans, some of my favourite European haunts, from restaurants to fine hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs to help you to plan your own trip and to ensure you will enjoy Europe to its utmost.

Pilgrims Way, Dingle, Ireland
First thing to note:
I am no conventional traveler.

I often travel at a whim just to put on an "American Thanksgiving" in England for my friends, or to stand in the middle of an ancient Stone Circle in Cornwall or the Lake District - much older than the famed Stone Henge, or to ride a bike down the Isar to a hidden gem of a Jazz Beergarden south of Munich, Germany, or to hike the ancient Pilgrims Way in Dingle, Ireland, discovering the birth of Christianity in a once pagan land.
9th Century Beehive Hut, Ireland

Europe to me is one big adventure which consumes my very heart and soul and of which I can never get enough.

The reason why I have begun to write about my adventures  is to share the wealth of knowledge I have accumulated over the years as well as my recommendations of stunning places to visit, wonderful accommodations, period pubs and fabulous restaurants as well as local cultural tips.

From castles...
Gruyeres Castle, Switzerland
to cowbells...
Alpaufzug, Appenzell, Switzerland

I try to cover the most magical moments one can experience whilst travelling to the UK or Europe.
The Alps - on top of the world!
Please enjoy my pictures, tips and recommendations along the way and when you book my recommendations, please be sure to let them know that you received the tip from Mary Dawn DeBriae of Alpen Schatz European Adventures and you will be taken well care of!

My last trip's recommendations can be seen HERE and many of previous year's Euro trip photos can be seen up on my FLICKR account.

Minster Lovell, Cotswolds, England


Please EMAIL me with any questions OR for help with planning your own trip.

I offer services from recommendations, to helping to book your trip through to being a personal guide - to guarantee you the trip of a lifetime, tried, true and experienced.


Viel Spaß und Auf Wiedersehen!

Mary Dawn DeBriae 


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