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ALPEN TRAVEL TIPS & PICKS - AUSTRIA: Schloss Matzen - An Austrian Castle Hotel Fantasy

Romantic Schloss Matzen
Gut translates to
"The Property of"
Since my early twenties in England (working in the days of early "high tech", where I was given carte blanche to stay where I liked on business trips), I have always gravitated towards period properties, aka. classy, historic places to stay.

Twenty five years later, I still seek out those unique hotels, inns and Bed & Breakfasts which exude centuries of character and indiscrete luxury - establishments to be heard, felt and understood by those who have that rare sixth sense. I was born - for the better or worse: "one of those".

Grand entrance to Schloss Matzen
Majestic Schloss Matzen

Ex high-tech slave turned luxury lifestyle journalist, I recently just "happened" upon one of the most amazing properties in which I have ever had the privilege of residing: Schloss Matzen. This thousand year old beautifully restored and maintained castle is a one of a kind in the region. It is nestled near the ancient village of Reith in the Tyrolean Alps and at the gateway to the scenic Alpebachtal Valley (known for its beauty and great hiking and skiing). 
Furry greeter (with an Alpen Schatz Swiss Collar - go figure!)

For history buffs, the location of the castle has been documented since Roman times as the location of strategic staging posts and eventually this gothic castle which was built sometime before 1150. Read more about the fascinating history of the castle HERE.
Entrance to my chamber

My luxurious suite - named after the Countess of Yrsch

Lavishly appointed with priceless antiques, rich bed linens and plush tapestry curtains, one is shamelessly spoiled like the Lords and Ladies who once occupied the property. Indeed each one of its twelve individually decorated suites is named after one of the dynasties who ruled the region for that period starting in the 12th century.

My bathroom - fit for a Queen

Last long hallway to my room after two flights of windy spiral stairs.

The rooms have breathtaking views of the surrounding Tyrolean Alps, however they do come with a price! As in most castles, the royalty lived in the turrets and upper floors - for safety reasons, and this Castle, true to form, has no lifts or elevators.

One gets to hike through classic courtyards, up spiral stairs and along indoor/outdoor passages to get to one's room.

For me this added to the authenticity and adventure - a maze of excitement, however if one has problems climbing stairs or walking this beautiful Schloss hotel might not be for you.
Welcome to breakfast!
The breakfast room and breakfast itself is to die for.
Medieval banquet hall - breakfast! 
Breakfast buffet

My breakfast...exquisite!

Set in the medieval banquet hall, with soft classical music floating like magic through the air, one dines on fresh breads, meats, smoked salmon and cheeses...with the option to order eggs any style cooked fresh to order.

The banquet hall is adjoined to one of the most beautiful private chapels I have ever discovered on my travels. It offers one a sanctuary for personal quiescence and meditation. Amazing...spiritual...and breathtakingly beautiful.

Private chapel for meditation

Manicured gardens in which to wonder


The castle is set on acres of meticulously maintained gardens, with its own duck laden ponds and forest with paths to be explored. An idyllic sanctuary for the romantic or those just needing a retreat from the hecticness of day to day life.

In summary, if you are searching for a once in a lifetime castle hotel experience, Schloss Matzen is my top pick. A bit pricey, however every penny is worth it to pamper one's self like a king or queen for just once in this lifetime.
Writing my travel notes from a watch tower on the grounds
 overlooking Schloss Matzen
Check out my pictures of this magnificent palatial castle and the surrounding areas HERE.

Feel free to contact me for reservations to secure a great room and a holiday experience of a lifetime. Or if you book directly, please mention that you heard about this fabulous hotel through Mary Dawn DeBriae's Alpen Tips and Pics Travel BLOG.

Schloss Matzen
Schlosshotel in Tirol
Matzen 5 / 6235 Reith im Alpbachtal, / Austria
Tel.: +43 (0) 676 4459997

Dining recommendations in the area:

Gut Matzen Restaurant - situated in what was once Schloss Matzen's stable, and inside a romantic walled floral garden on the property, the Gut Matzen restaurant offers fabulous flavourful cuisine from the region at great prices. They do have a night when they are closed so be sure to enquire ahead.
My favourite seasonal cuisine:
White "Spargel" or Asparagus with hollandaise sauce
and delicious accompaniments.

Pizerria Don Camillo - on all of my Austrian adventures, I always take time out to dine in a classic  Italiana Pizzeria, with gourmet thin crust Italian pizzas (meant for one person). These Pizzeria's litter Austria, being so close to Italy, and are always to die for in quality and flavor. Don Camillo's is a short drive from Schloss Matzen and has tasty cuisine and one can dine outside on a nice evening - my favourite style of Euro dining!
Gourmet Pizza (Spinach, Garlic and Gorgonzola)
by Don Camillo in Reith
Things to do in the area:
Hiking in Alpbachtal

ALPBACHTAL - Schloss Matzen is ideally situated in touted one of the most beautiful (and believe you me, there are many of them in Austria - hard to quantify!) Tyrolean Alpine valleys in Austria: the Alpbachtal. This area has a handful of villages from which one can hike, ski, or sit and relax and enjoy the stellar views of the surrounding Alps from this region. I had a short amount of time, however plan on visiting again soon to go one some amazing hikes.


Fine Austrian Crystal by Kisslinger Kristal

In the nearby quaint medieval town of Rattenberg lies one of Austria's best kept secrets: Kisslinger Kristal. Kisslinger Kristal has been making beautiful glassware for over a century in Rattenberg. Situated in the base of the "Rat Mountain" and in the caves underneath the castle, it boasts a stunning shop filled with its handmade crystal along with glass blowing and glass etching demonstrations. Alpen Schatz imports Kisslinger Kristal glassware from this special factory who etches custom Alpine designs onto the wine and beer glasses we import.

Check out pictures of their shop HERE.

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Irish Bee Hive Hut
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Enjoy the adventure!
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