Montag, 7. September 2009

Telluride 2009 4th of July Parade & the ALPEN SCHATZI's!

We had quite the turn-out for our entry in the Telluride 4th of July Parade. We had more Swiss dogs than ever before, including: Bernese Mtn Dogs, Entlebuchers, a St Bernard and a "Bernese look alike" or two. We also had more Alpen Schatz people than ever before, from kids through to adults showing off their Swiss/German outfits! We all met at Alpen Schatz and then snuck down the back alley way to take our position in the parade. It was so much fun!

Afterwards, at the big Town Park Picnic, we received 1st place for our entry in this year's parade! That is the second year in a row that we haev received such a prize! Thank you judges!

Thank you to all who participated! It was more fun than ever : )

Mary Dawn & Alpen Schatz

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