Sonntag, 4. Januar 2015

2015 WESTMINSTER DOG SHOW - NYC - Visit our Booth / Looking for Dog Loving Volunteers

Every year, Alpen Schatz, with its unique European Pet AND People products, is invited to exhibit at one of the most prestigious dog shows in the World:
2014 Best in Show Champion

2014 Volunteers
We have a booth, however the show is so large, that we need to recruit volunteers to help us - in exchange for entry to the show and a healthy Alpen Schatz gift certificate. 

More 2014 Volunteers - we need up to 10 total!
See HIGHLIGHTS of last year's show HERE

Shopping for a toy
We have lots of fun and get to meet all sorts of Alpen Schatz lovers from pups
to people - including kids... grown-up kids!
So, if you are a dog lover and Alpen Schatz fan we look forward to greeting you on our booth or EMAIL us for more details on volunteering for one of the most exciting shows of the year!
We need help for set-up on Friday and the National Agility Trials on Saturday Feb 14th, as well as for the actual Westminster Show on Monday and Tuesday Feb 16-17. Volunteer one day or all - whatever your preference. What counts is your enthusiasm and love of dogs and our Alpine Treasures.
Hope to see you in New York very soon!

Alpen Schatz will be in New York City
exhibiting at the Westminster Masters Agility Trials (Sat Feb 14) and
The Westminster Dog Show (Mon-Tues Feb 16-17) 2015.

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