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A Bernese Bonanza in Monterey, CA: Join Alpen Schatz for the 2015 Nationals
All over the nation, Berner (lingo for Bernese Mountain Dog) lovers, breeders and enthusiasts are preparing to travel to beautiful Monterey, California for the 2015 National Specialty Bernese Mountain Dog Show.
Alpen Schatz will soon be on the road again - but this time with our own Berners, DaVinci and Valentino in tow. We will be heading out West to the largest Bernese gathering in America, where we will have a booth with our Alpine SWISS and GERMAN wares (Collars & Leashes, Cowbells, Stuffies, Clothing, Alpine Hats, Jewelry, Trendy Swiss ALP N ROCK tees and much more).
The event takes place from 23-28 March 2015 at the Hyatt Regency in Monterey, California with every sort of event one could imagine for the Berner enthusiast. There will be Sheep Herding, Draft,

GCH Nashem Moore Than Friends
"Chandler" proudly practicing Draft
Photo courtesy of  Lisa Kaufman
Agility, Obedience, including Team Obedience with entertaining "costumed themed" competitions
Team BEE practicing for the 2015 Nationals
Photo courtesy of  Angelina Crispino Porter
and of course Conformation, cumulating with "Best in Show" where the top dog or bitch will be awarded the over all Top Bernese in the Country.
2014 Best of Breed Winner

We all know that whether rescue, pet or competing Berner, our own Bernese are our own personal Number One Champions in our homes and in our hearts.  

Wagontale's DaVinci - our own personal Alpen Schatz Champion
Picture courtesy of Lawrence Giles, LDGILES Art & Design
Words cannot describe the great BERNER energy at this exciting event.
Alpen Schatzi's Adam and myself at a former Specialty -
YES! We will have real SWISS Smocks and Dirndls for purchase on our Booth!
We hope you can make it - and if you do, we welcome you (and your beloved Berner) on the Alpen Schatz booth in the BALLROOM of the Hyatt Regency.

SEE Pictures of last year's event HERE 

Cannot attend, but interested in the Bernese Mountain Dog Breed ? Visit these informative websites on our PARTNER PAGE of

(Note, when getting your first Bernese, it is IMPORTANT to get them from a responsible breeder who is dedicated to breeding OUT the nasty health issues that have plagued the Breed for many decades.)  Any questions, EMAIL us - we take pride in helping match responsible families with great Bernese Breeders who are dedicated to maintaining Health and Longevity in the Breed.

Alpen Schatzi's
Mary Dawn & Lawrence with Wagontale's Valentino Schatz and DaVinci

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