Freitag, 22. Juni 2018

2018 Alpen Schatz 4th of July - Come Join in the Fun!

You are invited to join in our ALPEN 4th of July Fun, marching in the nation's most amazing, quintessential 4th of July Parade in picturesque Telluride, Colorado! 

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This will be our 15th year gathering up enthusiastic Alpen Schatzi's, both furry and human, who like to don their Alpine gear, decorate their precious pups and march in one of the most amazing parades in the nation.

Pups of all sizes are welcome, and the smaller ones, just might get to ride in one of the many wagons being pulled by grown-up Bernese draft professionals.

Bernese puppy in training
DETAILS: We meet at Alpen Schatz, 100 W Colorado Avenue, anytime between 9:00-10:45am to get decorated-up and for pre-show breakfast snacks sponsored by Alpen Schatz.

And then we sneak down the back alley way to join our spot in the parade which kicks off at 11am.

We hope you can make it, as we all have lot's of fun!

Following our march, we head for the river...

where the pups get to cool-off before reconvening back at Alpen Schatz to watch the remainder of the parade in the shade and have celebration cake!

And we even win prizes - more cause to celebrate!

Be sure to don your Alpine apparel on the 4th or get yourself and your pup a new Alpine outfit from Alpen Schatz

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Alpen Schatz 4th's HERE 

We truly hope you can make it this year, or if not visit us on-line at


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