Montag, 4. März 2013

Alpen Schatz at the Westminster 2013 Dog Show

February 11-12th 2013 was a big date in the Big Apple for tens of thousands of Dog Lovers, Breeders, and Handlers. It was the 137th Annual Westminster Dog Show which had record entries and attendance of over 25,000 eager canine enthusiasts who travelled from around the world to see their favourite breeds and learn about new ones.

This year Westminster awarded Affenpinscher Banana Joe Best in Show. This is the first time this 500 year old German breed has won Best in Show at Westminster. And Banana Joe is an appropriate name for this pup, as "Affen" in German means "Monkey"!

Behind the Scenes - prepping for the ring!

Alpen Schatz was invited by the Westminster Kennel Club to travel to New York and set-up a booth with our fine European Imports to entertain the exhibitors and attendees of their show. That we did in style! We brought our classic SWISS collars and leashes as well as the beautiful HUNTER line of pet accessories and the classy La Cinopelca Italian collars, harnesses and leashes that people love so well.
Shine, a beautiful Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, in her new Alpen Schatz Swiss Collar with her owners sporting their new SWISS Belts and Armbandli. Shine competed in this year's show! She is from Seneca Swissy Kennels in Indiana.

We also made many adults and children alike happy with our darling Stuffed Animals, SWISS Cowbells, Folkmanis Puppets, Books, Alpine Hats and Accessories.

Westminster Alpen Schatzi's (left to right):
Dena Steele, Claire Coppola, Tina Gaines, Peggy Law, Mary Dawn DeBriae, Francesca Nelson, Marie Whelan and Ginger Locke (not present for photo)
We, the Alpen Schatz team thank all that stopped by
and shopped on our booth!
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