Montag, 23. Juli 2012

Highlights of the 2012 Bernese Mountain Dog Specialty

Berner lovers Claire Coppola (rt) with
Alpen Schatz dressed fan Sara Steele (lft)
shopping on the Alpen Schatz Booth.

This past May in historical Gettysburg, PA, Berner Lovers gathered from all over the globe to participate and be spectators in the 2012 Bernese Mountain Dog Specialty.

Tina Gaines and Bella - regular Happy
Customers who enjoy the show and
Alpen Schatz products

Alpen Schatz has been following the show around the nation and supporting this exciting event for 10 years now. We have a booth with our fine European Alpine Treasures which Berner folk love to purchase for their dogs AND themselves.

The Alpen Schatz Team
Bobbye DeBriae, Adam DeBriae,
Mary Dawn DeBriae and Clair Coppola

We have put together a slide show in FLICKR from the highlights of this year's event.

 Enjoy the show!

Mary Dawn and the Alpen Schatzi's

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